The following resource documents and files are used within other pages as links throughout the website. This is a necessary part of our web site but duplicates what you will also find elsewhere with more contest.


Files & Forms

Architectural Committee Request Form (672.6K)
GVE Pool Gathering Guidelines & Agreement (39.8K)
GVE Clubhouse Rental Agreement (68.5K)
GVE Homeowners Proxy Form (218.1K)
GVE View Arial View (111.4K)
Apr2023newletter Rev32923 2 (908.2K)
Mar2023newletter Online (306.3K)
Feb2023newsletter (771.5K)
Jan2023news (610.4K)
Dec2022news (474.1K)
Nov2022news (426.7K)
Apr2022news (751.3K)
Queen Of Hearts Rules (60.8K)
Obit Karen Walters (1.2MB)
Obit Magee Joyce (106.6K)
How To Add Gve Website Icon. (447.8K)
Comfort House Thank You Mar 2022 (125.7K)
Obit - Donald Cooper (2.8MB)
Nov2023newletter Rl V4 Compressed (374K)
Dec2023newletter (1.7MB)
GVE Couples Golf Guidelines (137.7K)
Gve Storm Recovery Q & A (209.8K)
Jan2024newletter (1.4MB)
Mar2024newletter (1.1MB)
Pizza Party Mar 2024 (118.3K)
Handicaps 3-7-24 (84.7K)
Festival Of Trees 2024 (72.6K)
April2024newletter-033124 (473.2K)
TT-04-03-24 (687.9K)
Gve Handicaps 4 5 24 (86.2K)
TT 041024 (421.1K)
Jason Whorlow 02 11 2025 (1.1MB)
Paul May 02 27 2025 (986.7K)
Anthony Hernandez 01 28 2025 (968.4K)
Razzmatazz 12 06 2024 (1.3MB)
The Baker Family 01 08 2025 (952.8K)
Jason Whorlow 02 11 2025 (1.1MB)

Other Websites

Golf View Estates Facebook Page
NextDoor Neighborhood
Great resource for Lost and Found, News & Events from neighboring parks, Buy and Sell, find Recommendations for a plumber, etc.
Hidden Valley Ranch Website
Leisure Valley Ranch Website
Enchanted Valley Ranch
La Joya ISD Website
Progress Times
(Local Newspaper serving our area)
Winter Texas Times
Events and news about the valley

Homes For Sale - Rent

Conrad Home - Golf Drive (319K)
Beasley For Sale (306.2K)
Comried For Sale (408.6K)