GVE Committee Members

The following committee members and dozens of other GVE resident volunteers play an important role in making our community run smoothly. We thank you!

Long-Range Planning Committee

Board Representative: Dave Harmon
Chair Long: Dan Henry
Committee Members: Denny Hiner

Maintenance Committee

Board Representative: Dave Harmon
Committee Members: Bill Howey, Joe Millburg, Kent Anderson


Board Representative: Norma Alvarez
Committee Members: Dave Harmon, Maria Guajardo


Board Representative: Dave Harmon
Committee Members: Fred Willich, Dan Henry

Activities Committee

Board Representative: Danna Hiner
Chair: Phyllis McGroarty
Committee Members: Carol Kruse, Frieda Jackson, Darla Linnenkamp, Bliss Hunter, Chris Anderson, Marilynn Coyle, Bonnie Grummons, Sandi Ivey, everyone is welcome

Architecture/Compliance Committee

Board Representative: Dave Harmon
Chair: Bob Carnal
Committee Members: Fred Willich, Bob Hadley

Communication Committee

Board Representative: Kay Hendrickson
Chair: Chris Anderson
Committee Members: Rich Lowe, Renee Mugge, Norma Alvarez, Susie Milefchik, Janet Harmon

Nominating & Election Committee

Board Representative: Jorge Garcia
Committee Members: Renee Mugge, Frieda Jackson, Sandy Ivey

Annual Financial Review Committee:

Board Representative: Dee Henry
Committee Members: Renee Mugge, Denny Hiner, Patricia Johnson

Attendance Table Team:

Committee Members: Sharon Child, Bonnie Grummons, Phyllis McGroarty, Sherrill Heilman