News and Announcements

Welcome Our New Neighbors

Chris Mernka & Cyndi Kindred - Golf Drive

Tom Klein & Dawn Ballantine - Trevino Dr

Doug and Kathy Hart - Golf Drive

Ron and Diane Ackland - Golf Drive

Paul Grave - Floyd Drive

Keith and Debra Lorensen - Golf Drive

Craig and Marie Weber - Golf Drive

Francisco Gonzalez - Golf Drive

July Birthdays

Jul 04 Paul Forlan
Jul 04 Robert Handland
Jul 07 Carol Hoeve
Jul 09 Tony Colina
Jul 10 Faye Tekautz
Jul 11 Danny Ivey
Jul 12 Luis Ruiz
Jul 14 Ken Griffith
Jul 14 Don Vickers
Jul 22 Marlene May
Jul 22 Nick Tekautz
Jul 27 Charles Lund
Jul 28 Jeff Fouquette
Jul 28 Luzette Vickers
Jul 30 Beverly Johnson
Jul 30 John Meadows

Water Aerobics and Chair Exercises

Water aerobics and chair exercises will end on March 27th.  We had a good time in both classes and hopefully everyone is in better shape then when we started.  Keep it up this summer and we will start classes again when we return this fall.  Thanks to everyone that participated!

Join Our Facebook Page

Our new Facebook page now for the first time allows only GVE residents to post directly to the Golf View Estates Group page. Facebook members can click here to view the page and then click on the blue "Join group" button.

Home for Sale or Rent?

GVE residents can list your home for sale or rent on our website. You'll find the listing page under the Residents menu item above. Or you can just click here to go to the page directly.

GVE Sunshine Lady

PHYLLIS McGROARTY is our GVE Sunshine Lady and Welcome Lady. Please notify Phyllis of all illnesses and deaths by calling or texting (414) 313-5874.

In Memoriam

Roy May Obituary

Rosemary Prusa 1939-2024

Gene Moon 1935-2024

Janice Sue Barton Obituary

Larry Lee Mead Obituary

J Harlan Ackland 1927-2023

Paul Allen Obituary

Dona J Fabyan Obituary